Trip to Paris (pictures)



Just now I noticed that made just few photos of these amazing shops in Paris. I didn’t know where to look as was happy as a child in candy shop 🙂 Now you will see why!

And before posting pictures, I want to thank each lady working(owning) for being so nice and warm. And, of course, for letting me to take pictures of shop- place, every stitchers dreams to visit (and come back again).

The first shop I visited was Le Bonheur Des Dames.

It’s situated in this narrow passage, full of art shops. IMG_4739-1 IMG_4737-1

Isn’t amazing?

IMG_4731-1 IMG_4729-1-2 IMG_4730-1   IMG_4733-1 IMG_4734-1

The next stop



I walked around like 10 times 🙂 Buttons, threads, scissors… Every time I could find something new !

IMG_4752-1 IMG_4753-1 IMG_4755-1 IMG_4758-1 IMG_4760-1 IMG_4761-1 IMG_4762-1 IMG_4764-1

Next day I visited Les Brodeuses Parissienes

Love so much all the designs they are selling! Most of them are by Veronique Enginger.

IMG_4910-1-2 IMG_493-1 IMG_4901-1 IMG_4902-1 IMG_4904-1 IMG_4906-1

And quite near there’s another Le Bonheur Des Dames Shop. I didn’t expect such a Big shop!

No words are needed 🙂

IMG_5035-1 IMG_4937-1 IMG_4938-1 IMG_4942-1 IMG_4943-1 IMG_4945-1 IMG_4947-1 IMG_4948-1 IMG_4949-1 IMG_4950-1 IMG_4951-1 IMG_4953-1 IMG_4954-1 IMG_4961-1 IMG_4956-1 IMG_4959-1    IMG_5058-1 Thanks for visiting my page 🙂 Hope you liked the pictures 🙂



Time to Sew

Last weekend bought some fabrics and couldn’t wait to sew something! So here’s my latest work

It’s called “Les Violettes de Toulouse” and designed by Helene Le Berre.

Stitched on white linen 32ct, dmc21 floss

helene le berre

Cute little girl with flowers helene le berre xstitcworld.com1 And her friend… helene le berre xstitcworld.com3 Time to sew 🙂 Colours of fabric fits perfectly this design helene le berre xstitcworld.com4 helene le berre xstitcworld.com6 Lets get started!!! helene le berre xstitcworld.com7 helene le berre xstitcworld.com8 It’s first time I’ve tried to sew the lace zipper  and had some difficulties as it’s not inside helene le berre xstitcworld.com9 Few more stitches and…. Here it is!!! Love how it came out (but still some errors and something to learn). helene le berre xstitcworld.com10 helene le berre xstitcworld.com11 helene le berre xstitcworld.com12 helene le berre xstitcworld.com13

Thanks for visiting 🙂