Today I’ve visited craft show in ExCel, London. What can I say? It was better than las time. Last time there was more stuff for painting, so happy that this time there was more choise for fabrics (for sewing) and more stuff for stitching (like lamps, frames…)

Sorry for the quality of photos, took them with phone

Some really beautiful finished pieces

excel hobby craft excel hobby craft1 excel hobby craft2

Jewelry making excel hobby craft3 excel hobby craft4

Little houses 🙂 excel hobby craft5 And ofcourse, some stuff I bought 🙂

For something colourful


Planning to sew some things, can’t wait to create!!! 280315_0836-1wm

Some needles, buttons, scissors, frame, thimble…

Who knows what will i make 🙂 280315_0843-1wm 280315_0844-1wm

How could I NOT buy this cute kit for just £5???

Embroidery frame, as I’ve tried it and love it so so much 🙂 280315_0850-1wm

Thanks for visiting

Have a nice and stitchy weekend 🙂