Hobby Craft Show -ExCel-

Today I’ve visited craft show in ExCel, London. What can I say? It was better than las time. Last time there was more stuff for painting, so happy that this time there was more choise for fabrics (for sewing) and more stuff for stitching (like lamps, frames…)

Sorry for the quality of photos, took them with phone

Some really beautiful finished pieces

excel hobby craft excel hobby craft1 excel hobby craft2

Jewelry making excel hobby craft3 excel hobby craft4

Little houses 🙂 excel hobby craft5 And ofcourse, some stuff I bought 🙂

For something colourful


Planning to sew some things, can’t wait to create!!! 280315_0836-1wm

Some needles, buttons, scissors, frame, thimble…

Who knows what will i make 🙂 280315_0843-1wm 280315_0844-1wm

How could I NOT buy this cute kit for just £5???

Embroidery frame, as I’ve tried it and love it so so much 🙂 280315_0850-1wm

Thanks for visiting

Have a nice and stitchy weekend 🙂



Spring is here

I’ve stitched this cute bunny while was on holiday in my home town in Lithuania. Took me just hour to complet!

Love the colours in this design and bunny is so cute

Design of “Anchor” Done the cord and on the back added white felt

spring is here2

spring is here

This little bee button I bought time ago… Perfect place near the flower 🙂 spring is here3

Thanks for visiting, wish you a great weekend



I’m back :)

Looong time since my last post… Had a very big change in my life- our family moved to London, so hadn’t time for stitching and just today arrived my compuer so I can upload some pictures 🙂

These were done last year and were gifted to 3 nice people (maybe you have heard or even participated, there was smth like a game called “random act of kindness”)

This one is from “La Passion des Biscornu” by Aurelle. While line, 32ct, 2 over 2

aurelle aurelle1

“Plum Orchid” by Faby Reilly. While line, 32ct, 2 over 2. Mill Hill glass beads fabi reilly fabi reilly1

“High Seas” by Faby Reilly. While line, 32ct, 2 over 2. Mill Hill glass beads and   “Dress it Up” button high seas high seas1

This one I sewed by myself, sure could do better 😀 Cotton fabric, added “Dress it Up” buttons

sew sew1

I’ve started few Dimensions Gold Collection kits, will show in the next post, come back soon




Live Love Laugh

 Is there anything more important than to live, love and laugh?

            Dimensions Gold Collection Petite kit “Live Love Laugh”                    Changed fabric to evenweave 28 ct white

Ar yra kas svarbiau nei gyventi, myleti ir juoktis?

Is rinkinuko keiciau tik medziaga, nes aida man nelabai patinka. Siuvinejau ant evenweave 28 ct, spalva balta

live love laugh-1-2 live love laugh 2 live love laugh 3 live love laugh 1




First thing that comes to my mind when I look at this design is “childhood”.

I made it for my daughter and thinking if to add her name and birth date so it’s like a birth sapler or to leave it as it is.

Design from “Esprit Romantique” by H. Le Berre et L. Deshayes named “Carrousel”

                            Stitched on Zweigart Belfast Linen 32 ct, lilac                                 Floss: DMC, kreinik metallics

Pirma mintis paziurejus i si dizaina – “vaikyste”

Issiuvinejau savo dukrytei ir galvoju ar prideti jos varda ir gimimo duomenis ar palikti taip kaip yra.

Dizainas is “Esprit Romantique” by H. Le Berre et L. Deshayes pavadinimu “Carrousel”

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Cute girl :)

Hello 🙂

So happy to post something finished 🙂

I’ve never showed it before as was stitching just sometimes- when stayed in my childrens room in the evening and they wanted me just to be there… And maybe it’s enough to show half done designs?

It was love from a first sight! It’s so romantic…


Labai dziaugiuosi galeda parodyti kazka uzbaigto 🙂 As dar niekada jo nerodziau, nes siuvinejau labai retai- tik kai praleisdavau vakara vaiku kambaryje ir vaikai tenoredavau, kad as sedeciau salia ju… Ir kogero uzteks rodyti pusiau ibeiktus darbelius?

Tai buvo meile is pirmo zvilgsnio! Dvelkia romantika…

                                  From book “Esprit Romantique”                            by: Hélène Le Berre, Lélia Deshayes

Zweigart Belfast (32ct) white, DMC threads


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