Just now I noticed that made just few photos of these amazing shops in Paris. I didn’t know where to look as was happy as a child in candy shop 🙂 Now you will see why!

And before posting pictures, I want to thank each lady working(owning) for being so nice and warm. And, of course, for letting me to take pictures of shop- place, every stitchers dreams to visit (and come back again).

The first shop I visited was Le Bonheur Des Dames.

It’s situated in this narrow passage, full of art shops. IMG_4739-1 IMG_4737-1

Isn’t amazing?

IMG_4731-1 IMG_4729-1-2 IMG_4730-1   IMG_4733-1 IMG_4734-1

The next stop



I walked around like 10 times 🙂 Buttons, threads, scissors… Every time I could find something new !

IMG_4752-1 IMG_4753-1 IMG_4755-1 IMG_4758-1 IMG_4760-1 IMG_4761-1 IMG_4762-1 IMG_4764-1

Next day I visited Les Brodeuses Parissienes

Love so much all the designs they are selling! Most of them are by Veronique Enginger.

IMG_4910-1-2 IMG_493-1 IMG_4901-1 IMG_4902-1 IMG_4904-1 IMG_4906-1

And quite near there’s another Le Bonheur Des Dames Shop. I didn’t expect such a Big shop!

No words are needed 🙂

IMG_5035-1 IMG_4937-1 IMG_4938-1 IMG_4942-1 IMG_4943-1 IMG_4945-1 IMG_4947-1 IMG_4948-1 IMG_4949-1 IMG_4950-1 IMG_4951-1 IMG_4953-1 IMG_4954-1 IMG_4961-1 IMG_4956-1 IMG_4959-1    IMG_5058-1 Thanks for visiting my page 🙂 Hope you liked the pictures 🙂